Luthier Services Red Deer

R and T Music Studio is most proud to offer Central Alberta a complete array of luthier services. We have a very advanced shop capable of working on numerous fretted instruments such as guitar, banjo and mandolin as well all bowed instruments: violin, viola, cello and stand up string bass. Our main specialty is indeed bowed instruments. 

Our shop is also capable of manufacturing specialty parts that may not be readily available. We maintain wood and metal lathes, milling machines and drill presses, planers, as well as a wide collection of traditional specialty hand tools, saws, scrapers, chisels, clamps and reamers. Violin and cello tools are very extensive and often dedicated to very specific repair tasks.

Among many items, our parts department is very extensive handling top quality ebony finger boards, keys, maple bridges, fine tuners, mechanical pegs and strings. We even have a fully dedicated area just for bow repairs. The finest quality unbleached Mongolian horse hair is used when we re-hair bows. We also offer heavier black Mongolian horse hair for string bass and cello bows. R and T Music Studio also has for sale our own line of real, top quality Pernambuco Wood bows ranging from $400.00 and upwards. 

All new and previously owned bowed instruments require efficient set up to ensure that proper mellow sound is produced. Keys, key holes, bridges and strings require very detailed attention especially to account for changes caused by humidity or dryness. If you are taking lessons or enjoying playing but the instrument is constantly going out of tune, your progress and enjoyment will be lacking. R and T Music Studio ensures that your instrument is in top notch working order. 

R and T Music Studio is professionally skilled and experienced is all areas of bowed instrument repairs from less traumatic plate separations to very serious sound post top plate cracks or full perforations. If needed, we also offer full restoration services from bare wood down to final hand rubbed varnishing and French polishing. 

We offer fast, friendly and professional service for all your violin, viola, cello and bass repair and restoration needs. We give free repair estimates. We can also give free verbal appraisals and written ones starting at $50.00. Some older astute instruments require more extensive research. 

R and T Music will inform you in advance if we believe the requested repair is not justified for your particular instrument or bow. In some cases, you are financially and musically further ahead to purchase new or stable used instruments. We specialize in full restorations of valuable family heirloom instruments. For enquiries, please call us directly at 403 302-0782 to arrange for a private consultation.