About Us


Terry Ferster B Ed. MGS Scottsdale, Arizona

Having been a fretted instrument musician all his life and having taught school for 36 years, Terry is most experienced at delivering a well balanced  fun music education program that concentrates equally on sight music reading and ear training. Terry teaches cello, classic guitar, banjo, Irish Bouzouki, mandolin, and ukulele as well as stand up string bass. In addition, Terry operates Irish Mouse Music Events booking musicians from around the world for private and intimate fine dining home musical concerts. Ask about our contact list.    


Music Director Ruth Ferster

Ruth Ferster, graduate of Red Deer College Music Merchandising Program and experienced Suzuki Violin, Cello and Royal Conservatory Piano instructor, sets her students up for musical success.  Students are taught how to learn music and be sufficient in musical self discovery. Ruth offers instruction through musical scores and experimental ear training. In addition, Ruth teaches her students strategies for  musical and spoken public presentations. Culminating in various public concerts each year, students learn to excel in their musical education and gain very valuable self confidence in front of public audiences. Ruth teaches all ages from three to adult. 

Ruth’s own Benwood Strings Junior Orchestra offers students of all ages the opportunity to perform in a well organized harmonious and self actuated musical unit. 


Full Service

R & T Music Studio is full service offering music education for strings, piano, individual and ensemble lessons, quality instruments for sale or rent, professional luthier services for instrument set up and custom  work, music books and instrument accessories. 

R & T Music Studio, over the years, has developed very close working business relationships with many North American and overseas suppliers and providers.  We can assure high quality instruments, fast service and professional set up. We can supply high quality violins, violas, cellos, stand up basses, bows, guitars, cases, music stands, instrument stands and even other fretted string instruments. We can even supply custom fitted violins and cellos down to 1/32 size for very young or very small students. 

We take great pride in offering students of all ages the opportunity for musical enlightenment and pleasure at costs that are most reasonable and affordable. 

Benwood Strings Orchestra starts at a grade 1 level. Feel free to call us for more information in joining this great group. 

Student Orchestra Registration $150.00  and covers operating costs.